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Our many thanks to the 85 meat processors for making Venison Donation a success, without them we couldn’t do it! Meat processors, like farm families, like hunting families, like Food Bank families, have strong family values, strong work ethics and a true desire to help folks. Many meat processing businesses have been family run for generations.


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Left you see William Linkner at Linkners Meat Market during 1940's in Buffalo, NY. Notice the price of fancy fowl and veal chops for 29 cents per pound.

It's the same kind of family values and grassroots efforts that make the Venison Donation Coalition a success. We hope you can help by dropping off a deer or even a few pounds to share at your favorite processor. If you know processors who aren't involved let us know, we'd be glad to help them become part of the family.

Be sure to visit some of our processors' websites who are linked from here. Donate that first's a good reason to keep hunting when your freezer is empty...NOT the Food Banks.

Find a local processor using our Processor Locator Service.